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Solar energy is one great alternative for future energy sources. It is environmentally friendly and is renewable, thus making it an excellent energy source.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); enough sunlight reaches the earth's surface every year to produce approximately 1.000 times the amount of energy produced by burning all fossil fuels mined and extracted during the same time period.

As with most renewable energy systems, the initial costs of setting up these solar energy projects is quite expensive. However, the savings on electricity bills in the long-term should make up for this and year after year, the costs of these solar energy are falling which will make it more affordable and widespread.

Solar energy will also be powering some 70.000 homes and several hundred businesses in Britain soon after the government announced a ' 10 million investment into photovoltaic (PV) technologies over the next three years.

Photovoltaic cells provide an unlimited supply of free power by converting sunlight into electricity using modern semiconductors. Vast array of these cells will be placed on roofs and walls around the country to provide buildings with a renewable source of energy for lighting, heating, and storage.

Street lighting and traffic signals can also benefit from this power supply further reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

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