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Fadhli : Good night beholder, we meet again in News Night. The latest news for night is about congress of PSSI. Congress of PSSI on this night discontinued. Agum Gumelar as leader of congress perforced to discontinue congress because happened riot. Our reporter Indra Fitra is now reporting live from building of PSSI in Senayan Jakarta Pusat.

Indra : Beholder, at this time I am in building of PSSI, Senayan Jakarta Pusat. I'm going to interview Lusi Rahmati, one of the participant of congres PSSI. Good morning Lusi.
Lusi : Good morning.

Indra : Why can happened riot of congress moment of PSSI?

Lusi : Because participant of congress of PSSI debate [among/between] group one with is other. So that riot even also happened.

Indra : At the time of riot, do congress continued executing or discontinued?

Lusi : Congres is discontinued.

Indra : Do congress of PSSI the yield decision?

Lusi : No yielding decision, therefore Agum Gumelar discontinue congress.

Indra : Thank for your time.

Fadhli : Thank you Indra for your interview Lusi.

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