Bank's Credit Growth Not as Expected

There is 2 more months this year and signs of growth of the banking credit is still low. October last year 38% , this year only 13 % and the following month 33% 2008 and 18% for august this year. There will be a correction of 12-13% from 15% of credit growth this year.

Indonesian Central Banks Governor Muliaman Dharmansyah Hadad, said that the total undisbursed credit is Rp 250 billion. This indicates that the private sector would not absorb this credit or the credit rate is still high for them because the decrease rate of the BI Rate is not as fast as the decrease rate of banks credit rate.

Pic 1. BI Rate 2009
Source: Bank Indonesia Official Site

From the graph above you can see that BI (the central bank) rate has already shown a decreasing from the current 8.75 % at January 2009 to 6.50 % at October 2009. This is a good initiative move the real sector. But current Banks are giving credits for SMEs at rates around 12-13% and for corporate is 10-11%.

Seeing the decrease of the BI Rate, if the Banks don,t follow, this policy could become useless, because business owner would rather use their own money rather then debt. In the financial management point of view these business owners can not increase financial leverage from utilizing debt at a controllable level.

Syarifuddin Hasan, The new Minister on SME and Empowering Cooperative, said that programs for the cooperative and the Small and Medium Enterprises known as KUKM (Koperasi dan Usaha Kecil Menengeh) said their department will continue the last ministers program but with a different mindset. He says this ministry must be the top enabler and empower of small businesses and increase the level of 51 million Small businesses into large business that could increase economic growth.

Sources : Kompas, Kontan, BI

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