Latest 2009 Lay Off Prediction

(BelajarEkonomi.Com)Enterprise Owner Association (Apindo) has recently revised their prediction of total lay offs in Indonesian industries. As mentioned before by it's chairman,lay offs are a must and very difficult to avoid.

Actually there are choices for company owners to deal with the crises:
1. A Salary Cut
2. Homing employees, which means only receiving basic salary and no presence and transport pay, and ..
3. The hardest choice which is Total Lay Off.
At a recent press conference, the Apindo chairman, Sofyan Wanandi said the figures would reach 1 - 1,5 million lay offs which would peak at the mid of 2009.This is above the ILO prediction of 650,000 (six hundred and fifty thousand) .
To support his statement, joined with him in the press conference was Chairman of the Textile Association, Chief of the Association of Shoemakers, Head of Food and Beverages Association, and the Motorcycle industry Association's chief.
The unemployment rate would rise 9 percent caused by this world economic crisis.
(Source : PR)

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